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Alright kiddies. This is the place to go if you are studying mummies. I have information about mummies that you
never even DREAMED  of knowing. First off,I am a student at Acadian Sixth Grade Center in Louisiana. I am eleven years old and I am an average student. I have been wanting to make a website about mummies for some time now but haven't had the right server.Well,have fun and learn..PLEASE!

        When you first hear the word mummies you think "Halloween",right? Well,you are wrong. Mummies are thought to have first originated in ancient Egytian civilizations. Egyptians used to bury their dead in the sands of the desert and leave them there. But once,a body that had been buried was dug up and was very well preserved. The Egytians then started mummifying their dead. They would wrap them with hundreds of feet of linen bandages. Okay,if you don't like gross stuff,I suggest you skip this part. They would make a very long incision in the corpse's side and remove their internal organs. But with the brain,it was a completely different story. They would stick a very long hook up the body's nose and pick the brain out piece by piece. They would then let the body dry out for days before putting into a tomb.

   There are other ways to mummify people,such as Ice for example. Ice preserves bodies very well. Take the case of John Torrington,for instance.John Torrington was a sailor who died on the voyage looking for the Northwest Passage in the Canadian territory. When he was buried,the ice preserved his body so well,that when he was found,one of the archaeologists said "Its just as if he were unconcious,".

  Also,take for instance the ancient city of Pompeii in Rome. In Ancient Rome,Pompeii was destroyed by a volcanic eruption from Mount Vesuvius. The volcanic ash settled around the bodies creating a stone body cast around them. When the bodies were exumed,the process of filling the stone with plaster was used and they were able to find out just what these ancient Romans looked like.

  In China,they used to mummify Buhddist priests and put them in churches in praying positions. The people would
go to them for guidence by praying in front of the mummies.

 To learn more about mummies and other subjects mentioned here,check out Eyewitness Books on Ancient Rome,Archaeology,Pyramids,and Mummies.

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