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Review questions;
1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of organic farming?
2. What are the problems with using pesticides?
3. What change does a burning candle undergo?
4. Steps in the scientific method?
5. pH of rainwater?
6. Classify ozone as an element, compound,etc?
7. Hydrogen ion concentration of a solution with a pOH of 5?
8. Chemical name and formula writing
9. Balancing
10. What law of matter is followed when you combine oxygen with carbon to form carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide?
11. know the following terms:
    a. sedative
    b. analgesic
    c. expectorant
    d. antipyretic
    e. cellulose
    f. cholesterol
    g. mineral
    h. MSG
12. Know the different abbreviations used in prescribing or giving orders in drug use.
13. What is the cheapest and simplest synthetic polymer?
14. Difference among the following:
    a. CO    b. particulate matter   c. greenhouse gases
    d. SOx and NOx  e. ignitable  f. toxic  g. reactive  h. corrosive
15. Layers of the atmosphere?
16. Examples of acids and bases
17. Different stages of waste water treatment
18. Water cycle
19.Importance of groundwater
20. Characteristics of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and nucleic acids
21. cosmetics
22. importance of fluoride
23. Characteristics of hard water
24. Silk substitute?
25. rubber?
26. Difference between thermoplast and thermoset
27. Different kinds of plastics
28. Different kinds of pesticides

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