natsc13 Ms. May
SMS Department, Natural Science Area, Dela Salle University - College of Saint Benilde Natsc 13 Instructor
Welcome to Natsc 13!

Review questions:
1. What happens to the population once it exceeds its carrying capacity?
2. Importance of bacteria in the nitrogen cycle?
3. Know the parts of a food chain
4. Biome with the richest soil and converted to agriculture
5. Biome increased in area by human activities
6. Acid deposition?
7. Characteristics of a population
8. Greenhouse effect?
9/ Eutrophication?
10. Water pollutants
11. Biodiversity
12. Sustainable development practices
13. If planet earth is a spaceship, what would be its energy source? heater? outer frame? fuel? exhaust?
14. Parts of the atmosphere
15. Naturally occuring greenhouse gases
16. Age structure diagram
17. Nutrient cycles
18. Ecological pyramids
19. Laws of thermodynamics
20. Community interactions: competition, predation, etc.
21. Difference between niche, habitat
22. Point source and non-point source pollution
23. Deforestation?muro-ami?red tide? eutrophication?

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