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Mrs. Crowell, Mr. Bomersbach and Ms. Bruscia would like to welcome you to PE this year!  We plan to offer a daily movement program, where your children will acquire the knowledge and skills for movement, continue social development through physical activity, and experience different avenues to allow for a physically active lifestyle.  We hope to foster awareness to form a lifelong commitment in physical activity, which is essential for continuous well-being. 
     The first six weeks we concentrated on cooperative activities, procedures, and an introduction to a wide variety of fitness games.  The second six weeks we will be working on:

Grades K-2

* Basic motor movements are introduced.
o Skip
o Gallop
o Hop
o Jump
o Run
o Jog

* Beginning throwing, catching and kicking skills are  introduced.
* These are practiced with various "tag" type games.
* "Teaching tip of the six weeks" : Skipping
o Let your feet take turns being the leader. Let your right foot go first for one step, then your left foot for one step.

Grades 3-5

* Fleeing, dodging and fitness activities.
* Throwing, catching and kicking skills using a football.
* Volleying skills
* "Teaching tip of the six weeks" : Bump
o Shrug your shoulders, keep your arms straight and     bend your knees when bumping the ball.

Watch out for those children who have earned beads, stamps, jelly rings, and bonus bucks in grades K-5. We have many students who were "caught doing a good job" in class.  We are excited about having all Kindergarten through Fifth grade students in PE, and we want every child to feel successful.  We are looking forward to an awesome year!
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