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My Quia activities and quizzes
Colored Solutions Vocabulary
Practice your colored solutions vocabulary words.
The United States and Canada Shaped by History
Social Studies-US and Canada
There/ Their/ They're
Review the tricky homonyms there, they're, their
Multiplication facts
Great way to review your multiplication facts.
Easy Roman Numerals - (copy)
Match roman numerals to their standard forms.
Parts of Speech
How well do you know the parts of speech?
Classifying Animals
Astronomy Vocabulary
Canada Jeopardy
Canada: Provinces and Capitals
Chapter 15 -- Measurement: Customary Units
Crayfish Vocabulary
Division Facts
Geometry Switch-a-Roo
Mean, Median, Mode and Range
Multiplication Madness!
Multiplication Tables
Multiplication Tables - (copy)
Picturing Polygons Practice!
Picturing Polygons Vocabulary
50 States and Capitals & Abbreviations
5th Grade Math Review
Ancient Civilizations Jeopardy!
Animal Adaptations Vocabulary
Animal Classifications
Astronomy Chapter 1 Section 1 Prentice Hall
Books and more - True or False
Building on Mathematical Thinking Vocabulary (Unit 1)
Chapter 2, Section 3: Mayas, Aztecs and Incas
Comprehension: FACT OR OPINION? GAME #2
Crayfish Vocabulary - (copy)
Ecology Vocabulary Review
ELA: Mystery Vocabulary
Elapsed time
Equivalent Fractions
Face Idioms
Geometry Switch-a-Roo
Government Vocabulary
Grade 5 Social Studies Review 2
Invertebrate Examples
Invertebrate Vocabulary
Literary Devices Quiz
Living Things and the Environment (Unit 1)
Match Fractions and Percents
Math:[Gr. 5] geometry: triangles
Measurement - volume and capacity conversions
Mexico (Pop-up)
Middle West States and capitals
Northeast States and Capitals
Picturing Polygon Vocabulary
Place Value Jeopardy
Review Math Game (+/- , multiply/divide decimals & whole numbers, compare decimals& decimal place value)
Scientific Processes Matching Game
Social Studies Vocabulary
Social Studies Vocabulary II
Southeast States and Capitals
Southwest and West States and Capitals
States and Their Capitals
Time's Ticking Vocabulary
United States National Parks
U.S. Government
Vertebrates: Class and Examples
Vertebrates Review Game
Weather Vocabulary Game
Weather Vocabulary Matchup
Week 8 , Mystery
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