neveu Mrs. Neveu
Thunder Bay Junior High 7th grade General & Accelerated math teacher
Lesson Plans for Week of Sept 10
**Plans are always subject to change and are not written in stone! :-)

Accelerated Math - 1st period
Monday - Finish notes on Adding Integers; do pp. 71-72 #5, 11-25, 31-35 odds. Check your answers with those in the back of the book. Be ready to discuss on Tuesday.
Tuesday - Go over and review assmt from Mon. Do: pp. 71-72 #2-6, 12-24, 30-36 evens. Copy the problem and show the work when necessary.
Wednesday - Wkst 2-2/2-3
Thursday - Read over pp. 96-97 together. Do wkst 2-9
Friday - Go over problem solving worksheet. Take notes and discuss Subtracting Integers; do p. 75 #6-28, 36-46 evens

Math - 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th periods
Monday - Finish notes on Estimation Strategies; do: pp. 56-57 #2-12, 20-28 evens
Tuesday - Wksht 2-1/2-2
Wednesday - Review Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division of Decimals. Take notes on this. Begin 3 page review worksheet on these concepts.
Thursday - Continue working on decimal review worksheet. This is homework if not finished in class.
Friday - Discuss work from week. Go over any problems if necessary. Do: pp. 75-76 #1-3, 5-11 all. You may use calculators, but must show all of your work!
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