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Naughty Monkey Dude

   Hey I am real naughty so don't mess with me.  If you have any comments about my webpage you can tell someone who cares.  Cause I don't!!!!!!.  Wanna know something last time someone critizied my webpage they got a black eye.  If u want a black eye than you can call at 1-800 COLLECT.  Remember save a buck or two. Just dial 1-800 COLLECT. But if you are a loser and don't wanna save a buck or two you can suck a pig.  Once i went to my cousins house and I shoved the fork up his nostrils, then I took it out and shoved it up his other nostril and then i shoved it up his Ur-anus( Remeber its only a planet) ( Now kids don't get any bad ideas) 

            YOUR NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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