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New Lisbon Junior High School  
Hi, welcome to our web-page.  We are Mr.Daniels 7th grade reading class of New Lisbon Junior High School.  Each week we will be updating our web age telling everyone about our school, make some educational games and create some great links for all kids to enjoy.

There are four of us plus one 6th grader and we each have something to write about:

Caleb's Corner:

    This is part of my extra credit work for science.  It deals with the last few weeks of what we have been studying:  "Mollusks"

       Mullosks are a large group of animals that live on land and in the water.  They can live in salt water or fresh water.  In latin, "Mollusca" means soft.  Many mollusks have a hard body or outer shell.  There are 4 classes of mollusks.  

Cephalapods :  which are head footed

Bivalves:  which have two pieces

Gastropods:  which is stocmach footed

Amphineura:  the nerve cord of the animal is doubled.

Brandon's Thought's on the world:

    I will tell you a story about my fishing trip.  My grandfather and I went to Avoca camp ground and I caught a large bass and a Northern Bluegill.  My grandfather taught me many things about fishing.  We were fishing in the Mississippi river.  It was pretty funny thinking about how the fish looked.  A Northern Bluegill is blud and black and the Bass was blue and gray.  My grandmother could not believe that we caught so many fish.  While on the trip we cleaned the fish and ate some of them.  I also found out that in order to fish you have to have a license.  It is fun to fish if you have not, you should try it sometime.


Hi, everyone this is John again.  We are really trying to catch up in our science class so this week is my part of the report on a good subject:  Tornado's

A tornado is not a hurricance.  There are differences.  A hurricane has rain clouds tht spin around and has a calm middle.  The tornado does not.  It has winds that blow up to or over 300 miles per hour.  In studying tornadoes, some of them have caused lots of damage for a long distances, some up to 300 miles.  Tornadoes occur when warm fronts and cold fronts meet.  The swirling wind causes a circular motion.  In a hurricane there are winds, but not as strong.  The winds blow about 100 miles per hour.  The largest difference between a tornado and a hurricance is the length of time that the two are actually in an area.  Tornados happen in minutes to hours, but a hurricane happens over a few days to several days.  I prefer not to be around either.


       Hi, my name is angel from New Lisbon, WI.  Today I will be giving you advice on your future plans such as college.  College is very important to everyone. College allows you to compete for good jobs and helps you learn many things.  College is very important, but if you don't get good grades in junior high school and high school, if will be very difficult to get into a good college.
College is not all about learning its fun, and it prepares you for teh future.  I plan on going to college to be a doctor.  I hope you go to college and make something of yourselves.  Don't let anyone or anything get in your way of going to college and following your dreams.
If you have any questions send them to the email address listed and I will answer them as soon as I can.  Untill next time.....


Hi, my name is Jonathan and I am the 6th grader in this class.  Each week I will write a couple of quotes that I found to be pretty good, so here goes:

# 1 " Behold the turtle, who only makes progress when he sticks his neck out."

# 2  " When in doubt, stick it out.  It will always get better eventually."
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