newsfrombell Mrs. Bell
Creekwood Middle School, Lang. Arts Dept. 6th Grade Lang. Arts Teacher
6th Grade Accelerated Language Arts Students:

Welcome to the last six weeks of school!  We've covered just about everything we were supposed to in our curriculum this year, which is a huge relief!  For this last six weeks, we will end our TAAS warm-ups and begin our spelling tests, which will cover 20-25 new words per week plus one bonus spelling word.  We will learn how to write a "How To" paper and use these papers to  present a demonstration speech.  When we complete this area of study, we will learn how to do a small research project, where you'll learn how to make works cited cards and notecards, as well as a works cited page using MLA format.  You will be researching an animal of your choice, and then you'll create an acrostic poem as your research product.  Then, we will end the trimester with a brief unit on poetry, where you will learn how to analyze literary elements used by writers, create different forms of poetry, and memorize two Shakespearean sonnets.  This last six weeks should be a fun one!

P.S.  Your bonus spelling word is:  onomatopoeia (poetry device where the word imitates the sound it is describing, like hiss, buzz, or roar).

6th Grade Gifted/Talented Language Arts Students:

This last six weeks of Language Arts/Reading covers an interesting area of study:  The Future.  We will read the novel Invitation to the Game, which will allow us to participate in some interesting activities that will help us explore the future and what it may be like.  G/T students usually find that this last area of study is their favorite.  I hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

Speech Class

I am pleased with the progress many of you have made in improving your oral and written communication skills. During this last six weeks of school, you will be required to present your "Storytelling Speeches," which involves oral interpretation and implementing the speaking skills you've developed thus far.  After we complete these speeches, you will be required to present a "Persuasive Speech," where you will take a stance on a certain issue and persuade your audience why your viewpoint is a correct one.  The last major speech you will present is your "Live Radio Broadcast," which will be performed in groups.  The criteria and grading rubrics for these speeches will be given to you during class, as always.
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