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La Cima Middle School 6th grade language arts - Europe team
Welcome Europe Team students!

You have a project on ancient Egypt due February 25th. No late projects will be accepted.

You also will be completing a short research paper on an ancient Egypt topic. Information will be coming on February 7th. We will spend the 8th and 11th in the library doing research. We will continue to do research in my classroom on the 12th and 13th. We will write the paper in sections. You will have 4 days in the iMac lab to type it.

If you look below, you will find many websites which may help you with your project and give you information you may need. You can use them for your research paper, too. Look carefully at the sites. If they have advertisements, ignore them (you really won't win anything!). If they have multiple topics, look carefully to find the one that can be most helpful to you.

For fun, you can play the games below. I hope you enjoy them. If you would like to do an ancient Egypt scavenger hunt for fun, see me in class.

Thanks for visiting my Quia page!

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