nhssped Mrs. Boyer
Norwell High School Special Education Liaison, 9/10
Here we are about to enter December with three more weeks of school before vacation.  I sincerely hope that the holiday season is full of joy, love and most of all peace for all of us. 

Eligibility Waivers
Those of us who are waiting for mid-term so that we are eligible for extra curricular activities will have to wait until December 15, 2000 for midterm reports.  Students must be passing all classes in order to be eligible.  If they are not, they must wait until the end of the term in January.  I am certain that all those students who are trying to be eligible will reach their goal. 

Extra-curricular Activities
Students may join any club at any time.  There is no deadline and students are welcome to participate at any level.

January SAT's
Deadline is December 20th and students with disabilities must file their eligibility letters with a regular registration form.  See me if you are interested in taking these tests again.

Senior Recommendations
I am making individual appointments with seniors to meet with me to discuss their recommendations and applications.  If you would like to meet with me, please email me or call me.  I have a limited number of available dates in December, but I will make every effort to meet with you.

Juniors and Freshman should have received their MCAS scores in the mail.  For the most part, students did very well. I am pleased with my students performance.  I know that some students did not do as well as they thought, but for Freshman there is time and luckily for Juniors it does not count.  I heard a rumor today that it may not count for this years sophomores either.  We shall see what the state decides to do.
That is all for now.  Remember do not hesitate to call or email me.
susan boyer
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