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Hello! Well, it's been a while since I've logged onto quia.  It's been a very exciting spring so far.  Camp Cougar was a great success.  We had a fabulous time.  The children played various activities, such as nature bingo, making beaded frogs, ants on a log activity, tie-dying t-shirts,created skits and had water balloon fights.  Thank you to the following volunteers:
Katie Gilbreath
Xanne Morris
Kim Landfair
Kim Gardner
Cindy Brenna
Thank you to many of you who provided snacks!!!  They helped us get through the day.  It is quite humorous how their tummies know exactly when it is time for a snack. Thank you to the following families for helping us by providing a tent for us to celebrate in.
The Knight family
The Rex family
The Jensen family
The Lieber family
If there is anyone I have left off, please let me know.  I have tried to include everyone!!  Please know that we appreciate all of your helpfulness and time!!  You made it a great success!!!!Week:5/1 to 5/5
This week and throughout every week until the end of the year we will be conducting research on the various different states in the U.S.A.  Your child has been assigned a state to research and report to the class all of the factual information.  They may use resource books, internet sites and personal interviews.  The students are very excited about exploring their state.  They will have plenty of class time to complete this project.  In fact, it does not need to be done outside of class.

There will be no more core words this year!!!  It's been fun!!!!</B2

SOCIAL STUDIES-We will be discovering facts about the different states in the United States.


Thank you to everyone for a wonderful year!!!  You are the best!!!!
Mrs. Nichols and my wonderful class!!!
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