nihongo Odom-sensei
St. Mark's School of Texas Japanese 3, Japanese 4 & JVH teacher
Welcome to St. Mark's Japanese Study Program
Course: Japanese 3 (3rd grade)
Goals: The purpose of St. Mark's Lower School Japanese program is to provide our students an opportunity to become aware of a lanugage and culture as a means of communication and to prepare them to become confident in Japanese language skills and cultural knowledge of Japan. Students will develop basic skills in aural/oral communication regarding topics related to daily situations.

Thematic Units:
Unit 1: Where in the world is Japan?
Unit 2: Greetings
Unit 3: All about myself
Unit 4: My family
Unit 5: My school
Unit 6: It's my birthday!
Unit 7: Celebrations in Japan
Unit 8: Twelve zodiac animals
Unit 9: Let's try some Japanese food
Unit  10: My neighborhood

Coming soon...Unit activities:

Expected outcome:
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