nikkikeiya Daisy's
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The daisy,or the day's eye originates from Europe.The Europeans thought that the bright yellow  center of the daisy represented the sun and the colorful,showy petals were the sun's rays.
  Although the daisy is a type of Chrysanthemum,it comes from the compositae family.
   It can bloom in the summertime,the springtime,and it can even bloom in the fall.
  The petals of the daisy can vary in color.The center of the daisy is usually a yellow or a light or dark orange color.

Common name:The daisy's common name is the daisy.

Family:The daisy comes from the compositae family.

Genus & Species:It is a species of Chrysanthemum.

Family characterisics:The daisy has a yellow center surrounded by colorful ray,or the petals.

Idenifing traits of the species:The daisy has spear-like petals wich were first recognized as a trait of the Chrysanthemum.

Tpye of habitat:The daisy can grow almost anywhere.

Average plant size:The daisy's average size is 15cm. to 6in.or taller!

Tpye of flowers & fruit:Some of its famly types are the ox-eyed daisy,african daisy etc.

Season in which the plant blooms:The daisy can bloom in the summertime,the springtime,and in the fall.

Special importance to mean of animals:The daisy's importance to animals is to feed the insects necter.

Refrences: We used web sites on the computer,such as Yahoo.We also used the encyclopedia,and Home and Gardening magazines.
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