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cheats and codes

Super Mario 64: Danerous man with a hat   In snowmans land you can use your hat as a weapon!  Get your hat blown off. To your left there are some trees.Go to the bottom of them and one of them is a teleporter.Use it and then go back to where your hat is.Pick up the first one and jump on the second one.When you jump on it you can use it as a weapon.    
strange stuff  when you walk through some doors and quickly walk back through them sometimes strange things will happen.

Star Fox 64:  Thrills chills a moving logo! on the start screen move the joystick in any direction. Hey its not the best code in the world but ive seen better. Play on foot  To play on foot win a medal on venom in hard mode.

Crusin usa: secret cars  on the select car screen press all the C buttons at once exept for the right one. Extra cources on the select track screen press the joystick to certian tracks and press something I frogot Ill expirement with it a little wile and find out sorry!

Crusin world: driving tricks  wheelie press A A.  

Star wars rouge squadren: To have a good radar on passcodes type in radar.
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