nkramer Naomi Kramer
Lockhart Junior High  
Friday, May 5, 2000

Each student will research a disease, as determined in class on Thursday.

Students will take notes off the internet today.  Monday these notes will complete a 1 and 1/2 to 2 page paper by the end of the class on Monday.

While searching for information, you will be allowed to access ONLY the following websites:

www.cdc.gov -(click on Health Topics A-Z on left column menu;  click on the disease that you are researching)

www.britannica.com - (click on Health on the left column menu; type in the name of the disease that you are researching inside the search bar; click on Find)

my.webmd.com/dmk_health_topics/dmk/topiclist/data - (click on the beginning of the letter of the disease being    researched; click on the disease name)

Your paper must contain the following information:
1.  Name and type of disease (communicable or non-communicable)
2.  State a complete and well-thought-out definition of the disease.
3.  How the disease is transmitted if communicable/What are the causes for the disease if non-communicable
4.  What are the prevention methods?
5.  What type of pathogen causes the disease? (only communicable -- virus, bacteria, fungus, protozoa, etc.)
6.  Is the disease due to genetics (heredity) or lifestyle (only non-communicable)?
7.  Is this disease a major problem in the United States?  Is there a major problem in other countries? If so, what countries?
8.  What are the treatment options related to this disease?
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