nnfrench Mlle Colberg
Northern Nash Senior High HS French Teacher
Bienvenue!  Welcome to a new semester of French.  I will try to update this site a few times a week.  Please refer to it for practice exercises and review.  Also check out the main menu "French".  You can find exercises directly related to our textbook.  Look under menu for discovering French - Bleu and Blanc.  For French II students, doing the Bleu exercises and quizzes will help you review.  After you complete the quizzes and mini-quizzes, email them to me at kacolberg@earthlink.net.
My Quia activities and quizzes
French: Classroom Objects Vocab
Review games for Classroom Vocabulary
La Famille
Review family vocabulary
Food and Drink vocab
Food and Drink vocab
Les Parties du Corps
Vocab for parts of the body
Quel temps fait-il?
Vocab for weather
Les Vêtements
Clothing vocab
Basic -ER Verbs
-er verbs
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