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The first three web links take you to sites about microbes. You can use these, or others that you may find, to help you research and make some notes about microbes.

Please use the activities and links from this page to help you during your final year at Noak Bridge and to make a great start at KS3 science in your future secondary school.

My Quia activities and quizzes
Yr 6 Electricity quiz
Yr4 electricity
KS2 Electrical circuits yr 4
Electricity and Magnetism
Circulatory system
NB6 Circulation
Yr 6 Human physiology,drugs and diet.
Yr 6 Drugs and health
Life processes
Yr 4 skeleton joints and muscles
Yr 4 Sound
Yr5 Separating mixtures
KS2 States of Matter
KS2 Water Cycle
Yr4 Digestion etc
Yr3 Rocks
Yr3 Light terms
Useful links
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