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CNS High School Regents Honors Chemistry
Welcome to Regents Honors Chemistry.

Topics to be covered this year:
  Matter and Energy
  Atomic Structure
  Organic Chemistry
  Periodic Table
  Mathematics of Chemistry
  Kinetics and Equilibrium
  Acid Base Chemistry
  Nuclear Chemistry
  Redox and Electrochemistry

  Tests 55%
  Quizzes 20%
  Labs/Labs Quizzes 15%
  Projects 10%
  (Percentages can change from 
quarter to quarter)

  All classwork, Projects, and Labs are due at the beginning of the period, all work turned in after this time but before the end of the school day will automatically be deducted 25% of available points. Classwork , Projects, and Labs turned in after this time will receive a grade of  "zero".

  Classwork, Labs, and Projects are to be turned in the day you return to school. Tests, Quizzes, and Lab work must be made up after school within 2 days or a grade of zero will be given. Extended absence-see your teacher.

Materials needed everyday in Class:
  Three ring binder with notebook paper.
  Scientific Calculator.
  Review Book- N&N Chemistry

Lab Requirements.
  30 hours of passing lab reports are needed to take the Regents exam in June.

I am available most days (except Tuesdays) from 2-3 to help students with course work.
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