Southern Boone County R-I Middle School 8th grade Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Spanish Teacher

Welcome to the ALGEBRA ZONE!

Please take the following BYOD SURVEY about the new BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Policy starting in the HS next year (2013-2014)

Helpful information for algebra students:

  1. Algebra is a high school class that you can take in middle school. This means that you should expect algebra homework every day.
  2. Because Algebra is a high school class students' assignments are treated like the HS students' assignments. . .there are no re-do's when you did poorly on an assignment. (We do follow the MS ZAP policy--an 8th grader can get 2 ZAPs per quarter per class.)
  3. Algebra students are expected to have a scientific calculator, pencils and paper that they will bring to class with them every day (along with their textbook).
  4. I work very hard to make my algebra class as rigorous as possible so that the Algebra End of Course Exam will be a breeze for my students! (Algebra students will take the 8th grade Math MAP test with all the 8th graders and the Algebra End of Course Exam at the end of hte year with all the HS Algebra students.)
  5. Please e-mail me if you have any questions about algebra.

Algebra I in the 8th grade uses the same textbook as the high school algebra class. We will study the same topics as the high school class but not necessarily at the same time or speed. We will; however, study everything that the high school class studies by the time the school year ends.

A scientific calculator will be used often in class. It is recommended that they purchase one (no calculators will be supplied by the teacher in class). A link to an online scientific calculator is given below:
Online Scientific Calculator

The links below have graph paper:

Useful links
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