Southern Boone County Middle School 8th grade Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Spanish teacher

Welcome to the Pre-Algebra ZONE!

Please take the following SUPER BOWL survey created by our 8th grade. Please only take once.

A scientific calculator will be used almost daily in class. It is recommended that they purchase one (no calculators will be supplied by the teacher in class). ALL students should have their own scientific calculator.

    Helpful Hints for 8th Grade Pre-Algebra

  1. Bring your book, paper, pencil and scientific calculator to class every day!
  2. Come to class prepared--ready to turn in assignments and ready to learn!
  3. Whenever you return from being absent, turn in the work that was due when you were gone and ask for your missed work ASAP!
  4. Remember to put your cellphones, MP3 players and i-Pods in your lockers.

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