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Nordonia High School Chemistry
Hello!  One more week until Christmas break, but what a week it is!!

***Read all your worksheets carefully so you don't miss anything when preparing for your presentations.
***Students not present when their groups present, will need to make up their presentations before school.
***Logs and worksheets due Wednesday prior to presentations.

***If time permits, I will be doing a second notebook check Friday, during the exam.

This week's schedule: December 13 through December 17
Chemistry in the Community:
Monday - Quiz, Work in Groups
Tuesday - Work in Groups
Wednesday -Begin Presentations
Thursday - Finish Presentations
Friday - Test - Mining Activity

Try the concentration game below - it has some problems (the answers have to match completely or they're marked wrong) but it covers the material for Friday's test well.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Ion Flashcard Game
Polyatomic Ions Flashcards
Polyatomic Ions Matching Game
Practice Quiz for Formulas, Names and Ions
Quiz 2: Molar Mass, Percent Comp. & Redox Reactions
Concentration Game for the Mining Project Test
Useful links
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