norviewgov Mr. Newton
Norview High School government teacher
Hello Norview Pilot government students !

Monday, 13 March - Odd blocks :  We will start the class by reviewing economic syatems. Students will be required to complete several situational exercises dealing with criticisms and problems of economic systems. Construct a political quiz.

Tuesday, 14 March - Even blocks : Block 4,The first 20-25 minutes will be devoted to completing the practical exercises started last week. After all groups have presented you will take the test. Block 6, complete practical exercises started last week and review for the test.

Wednesday, 15 March - Odd blocks : Unit 2 test, then introduction on unit 3, Foreign policy

Thursday , 16 March - Even blocks : Block 4 introduction on Foreign Policy. Block 6, unit 2 test.

Friday, 17 March - Odd blocks - Group assignments for oral presentations

Homework : Will be issued to even blocks on Monday and odd blocks on Tuesday.
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