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Hello students welcome to the North Stokes High School  Earth Science class web page. Please write down the site address. You can refer to this site for information on class activities and homework assignments. Information about school events and special projects can be found on the class web page from time to time. I recommend you check the site at least once a week. Special links will be provided to help you in your studies and in completion of your science project if you are in the honor's class. Quizzes and games will be added for your review and evaluation. If you have any suggestions for the class web site, please email and lets discuss them. Have a wonderful day and I hope your new semester is a successful one. Please inform your parents that I am free for conferences during 3rd perioid.

Homework: All of chapter 13 is due by Monday of next week. All the section reviews and the chapter end review down to the critical thinking. The due date is 11/31/04.

Student Status Student 911 is showing some improvement, I will know what his homework status is next week when the work is due. He is still talking too much and does not use class time wisely. I will keep you informed.

I hope you have a wonderful semester and master all your school work.
Mr. "B"

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My Quia activities and quizzes
Earthquakes and Volcanos
Jeopardy Game
Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Plate Tectonics - (copy)
Matching Game- A Good Review
Chapter 1 Exam Earth Science
Useful links
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