nsjhseng9 Mrs. Eggleston
N. Syracuse Junior High School  
Welcome 9th grade students ans parents:

Please use this page frequently to :
     *keep up with the Jr. High English Dept. news
     *be aware of what is new from the Staet Ed. Dept.
     *keep track of upcoming English Dept. events
     *strengten your skills and content knowledge
     *monitor what your classroom teacher is expecting from

What is English 9?    
     *a course with a regents exam you must pass in
      order to graduate

What Standards does the State expect you to meet?
     *read fiction, nonfiction, drama, poetry
     *analyze readings orally and in writing
     *be an effective listener
What your teacher ecpects from you
My Quia activities and quizzes
Romeo and Juliet
Useful links
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