Northside School Arts Lab Teacher
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What's up in the Arts Lab?

Mrs. Lawson will be on maternity leave for the next few weeks. Please welcome Becky Tester, our interim teacher!!!

Third and Fourth Grades

Third and Fourth graders will be preparing for their Winter Holiday Concert! This show will take place on December 18th at 6:00. We'll see you there!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or e-mail me.

Classroom Expectations: Now you know what to do every week!

1. Listen carefully.
2. Follow directions.
3. Work quietly and allow others to work.
4. Respect others and equipment.
5. No put downs.

Behavior Plan: Sometimes we need a reminder...

1. Verbal reminder.
2. Time out in short stop.
3. Note or Phone Call Home.
4. Visit Mrs. Pickering.

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