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Oct. 5, 2001 - News from Room 233...

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by Ian
So far this year in science, we have learned about animal and human skeletons.  For the animal skeletons, we have taken owl pellets apart to find bones, and we have also looked at cow and pig bones.  For the human skeleton, we have learned about how parts of the body help each other.  We also made joint posters about three of the joints.  They are the hinge, pivot, and ball-and-socket joints.  There is much more to learn this year in science.  We really like it!

Earth Balloon:
by Kelly
On September 12, my class went inside the Earth Balloon.  We learned about the equator and the tropics.  We also learned how the Earth Balloon was made.  It was fun seeing the world in 3D and from the inside out!  I'm glad we got to learn about the Earth Balloon!

Social Studies:
by Crimea
In social studies, we are learning about what an American is.  We watched movies about immigrants, took notes, and made posters.  We drew Americans on our posters and wrote facts about immigrants on the posters. I decided to write about where Americans came from, and I also wrote about how immigrants felt when they came to the United States. We have also discussed the tragic events which took place on Sept. 11.  We have talked a lot about America's war on terrorism.

by Malia
We have been reading Hatchet.  It is an awesome book.  We are nearly done with the book.  The book is about a boy named Brian who is in a plane crash.  The pilot has a heart attack and dies.  So far, Brian is doing okay.  There are only two chapters left, and he has not been rescued yet.  We are waiting to find out what happens to Brian, the main character.  Our vocabulary test and comprehension test will be on Oct. 11.  Try the hangman game below to review for the vocabulary test.

Art Awareness:
by Casey
In Art Awareness, Mrs. Jackson taught us how to draw pumpkins and pears.  We colored them in with pastels.  Mrs. Jackson showed us how to shade them in.  It was fun!

Crimea, Ian, Casey, Malia, and Kelly

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