Welcome to NUR 175 Week 14:

Thank you to each and every one of you for your hard work this sequence.

Required 12-18-2008:
1. Comlete the Az Nurse Practice Act Quiz. Items you may need this week are listed below:


Study Guide

There will be a paper and pencil comprehensive exam (100 questions worth up to 120 points) on Dec. 5, 2008. This exam will include a group test (worth up to 30 points.) A maximum of 2 hours will be allowed for the individual exam; 1 hour for the group exam. Remember students will only be allowed to have a No. 2 pencil (no mechanical pencils will be permitted) the test booklet, calculator supplied by the nursing department and a scantron. All items including cell phones and water bottles must be placed on the tables outside the classroom. Students may leave to go to the restroom one at a time accompanied by a faculty or staff member.


Midterm exam grades now available on Engrade. Accurate points are also manually recorded in an actual gradebook. Please see Ms Curtiss if you have any concerns about your points.

Below is the website with videos about test taking strategies:
The information is excellent.
In case you prefer to copy and paste the webaddress on your browser:

Ms. Curtiss

PLEASE DO NOT USE THE QUIA "Send EMAIL to Ms Curtiss" button. I WILL NOT GET THE EMAIL. USE to contact me.
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