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Jefferson State Community College Sheryl Colle RN, MN, Nursing Instructor
Welcome to NUR 204 - Computer Applications in Nursing.

This class is intended to help you learn more about nursing and using computers and the internet. It will help you learn how to use computers and the internet to assist you in many ways during your nursing career.

Here is a list of when your assignments are due (in case you have lost your little half-page of paper).
Sept 17      Internet Scavenge Hunt
Sept 24     Medication Information
Oct 1     Reading Nursing Article & Taking Test
Oct 8     Nursing Conference Information
Oct 22     Search for RN Jobs in a State of Your Choice
Oct 29     Compare & Contrast Search
Nov 5    Nursing/Healthcare Listserv
Nov 12    Evaluation of Healthcare Web-sites
Nov 26    Health Care Topic of Interest

We have listed below some links that will be helpful in getting you started fulfilling your assignments.

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My Quia activities and quizzes
Internet 101
Play and learn the basics of the World Wide Web. This game represents content from Unit 3 - Theoretical Concepts Related to Computer Communication Systems.
Useful links
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