nutrition Mrs. Fachet
East Hanover Middle School  
You've often heard the saying"Start the day the healthy way"
What does that mean? Breakfast is the most important meal to the day, since it fuels us with enough energy to learn and play. Your body is happy as long as it is getting the right nutrients of carbohydrates for energy, protein and vitamins for growth and to keep us from getting hungry before lunch, calcium for strong bones, and fiber to keep everything moving inside of us.
  It is is important to develop good eating habits early in our life, but mornings are often hectic and little time if left for breakfast.  What can we do?
       1.  Set the table the night before with dishes, cereal,bread. etc. and in the morning add milk, fruit, margarine.
       2.  Have breakfast snacks on hand such as granola bars. instant breakfast, yogurt, and even a leftover for the night before.
  Breakfast is when you eat and not what you eat - as seen by the following:
      Argentina - steak,eggs and milk before going out on
                  the pampa
      China -  rice,dries pork,pickles, and soybean juice
      England -  grilled kidneys,tomatoes,sausages, and eggs
      Italy  -  fresh rolls with chocolate butter spread,hot
                milk with alittle coffee in it
      Finland - fruit, chees, tomatoes and cucumbers,smoked
                reindeer, andbread
      Morocco -  lamb soup, thin psncakes, with honey,figs,
                 purple grapes
      USA -  cereal, milk, and juice
Ten reasons for eating breakfast:
1.Breakfast foods taste good
2.  It is a great time to talk with your friends or family
3.  Breakfast ti the most important meal of the day.
4.  It can take 5 or 10
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