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Nutrition Mobile


During the 21st century choices about nutrition, diet and exercise will be important. All of us will have to make these choices to lead a healthy and productive life.

To that end, you are going to design a nutrient mobile for display and use during an oral presentation to the class.  Your mobile will need to have six sections.  

These sections are required:

    *Nutrient Name (clearly displayed)
    *Function of Nutrient in body
    *Deficiency of Nutrient
    *Excess of Nutrient
    *Recommended Daily Allowance/Amount of Nutrient
    *5 Food Sources
    *One Current Health Fact

Suggestions for completion of the project:
    *Type information to be used on the mobile sections.
    *Use the web sites provided below to fill out your  
     information gathering sheet.
    *Pictures can come from the internet, magazines, your  
     own drawings.
    *Be creative with your illustrations.
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Nutrient Review
Use this activity to practice your nutrient facts.
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