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I'm afraid that I have bad news for you.  Some of the rumors and gossip you have heard are correct.  The best "spin" I can put on it is to say that there has been a misunderstanding between me and the administration.
I have bipolar disorder, which I have been treated for since I was 18.  This disability is protected under the Federal Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).  I have received "accommodations" for this disability, but there is some mix-up as to how they are to be implemented.  I don't choose to think that anyone is attacking me personally, although you can think what you want.
The clubs which I sponsor - the Campus Green Club (Desoto) and the NWCC GSA (Senatobia) are not dependent on my sponsorship to exist.  I missed the deadline for completing the forms for an organization (9-15) because I was in the hospital.  I'm sure that the rumors about these clubs being intentionally disbanded are in error.  Ms. Glynda Hall has stepped in for the NWCC GSA.  I have someone in mind to help with the Campus Green Club.  Just relax.  It will turn out OK because I know where to place my troubles, and his yoke is easy, and his burden is light.  If you don't have the same faith that I do, that's fine with me.  I would never try to shove my beliefs down anyone's throat, since that is illegal anyway.  But, I thought you would like to know that I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.  Thank you all.

My suggestion would be a petition, which students could sign if they support my return to their classrooms.  Also, please e-mail, call, and make appointments to meet with these administrators to voice your complaints about the current "substitutes".
Dr. Gary Spears - NWCC President
Dr. Chuck Strong - NWCC VP
Mr. Richie Lawson - Desoto Center Dean
Dr. Larry Sylvester - Desoto Center Science Supervisor
Dr. Stacy Jones - Senatobia Natural Sciences Division Director
Mr. Dan Smith - Student Activities Director over clubs & organizations

These people are big supporters of our students and are always available to help:
Police Chief Al Dodson (Senatobia and overall)
Police Chief Don Hammons (Desoto)
ADA officer (Senatobia) - Mr. Mike Dottorey
ADA officer (Desoto) - Ms. Patsy Gardner
All of the librarians are the unsung heroes of our college.  They are great!

I will find out how to contact the Board Of Trustees, and let you know.  They are the real bosses over our administration.
Thank you for all of your support.  I miss you all!  Well, not all of you.  LOL

This site has games and activities which I have designed to go along with each chapter in your textbook.  The games are intended to help students prepare for exams.  In order to benefit, you must actually play the games! 
@ Even students who are in a different instructor's class may benefit from these activities, so share the information if you have friends who might want to use my site @

**Click on the link in the upper right corner of this page to send an e-mail to my home address.  Please check your e-mail at least every other day.**

When you send me an e-mail, please make sure the subject line refers to the actual subject you want to discuss.  Please don't "reply" to my messages without changing the subject line.  Thanks!

Add me on Facebook as Barbara Youngblood.  I am getting everything off the NWCC network.  Some of my biggest supporters are in the computer center, so I'm sure I will be on the network for a while.  I have already been removed from NWCC e-mail.

All classes:  Please get your own private e-mail account.  Don't share with anyone.  If you don't have a private account, go to www.yahoo.com and sign up for one.  Then, send a message to my home e-mail address:  bybuggnw@bellsouth.net

BIO 1113:

There have been a few incidents when students were asked to leave class, or they chose to leave rather than sit in assigned seats.  You may NOT sit on the front row of my class and use your cell phone.  That is incredible.  If I ask you to sit in a particular place, it is for your own good.  Students who cannot control their own behavior may end up being withdrawn from the class with a grade of "F".  It is better to sit where you are told than to end up with a failing grade.

Please contact me and tell me which chapters you are currently studying.  I will try my best to come up with some material that you can use to study for someone else's exams. 

My Principles of Biology I Lab Sections:
Please note that I teach two sections of BIO 1111 - Principles of Biology I Lab - Tue 1-2:50 and Tue 3-4:50 in Senatobia.  There are many sections of BIO 1111 on the main campus, and makeup information is on the back of your lab schedule.

BIO 1111:
In the Senatobia labs, we do the experiments in the lab manual, and lab continues for the entire scheduled time - one hour and fifty minutes.

There have been several incidents in my labs since the semester started.
I have had to send students home for these reasons:  wearing flip flops, no lab manual, refusing to turn off cell phone, and being disrespectful.  One student has STILL not provided a blue book, so he was not allowed to take the quiz yesterday.
There are rules in place, and you know them.  You were given the syllabus and course outline on the first day, and we covered them thoroughly.  The student who forgot his lab manual was mature enough to leave quietly.  He went home, got his lab manual, and returned for my 3:00 lab.  One student who wore flip flops went to Wal-Mart, bought sneakers, and returned to lab.  I appreciate these students, who took responsibility for their own actions, and demonstrated real character.

Tue 9/6:  We had a Quiz on the Scientific Method.  Then, we did a lab exercise on Microscope I.  We compared light and electron microscopes.  Then, each student got a scope and we went over the parts.  Next, students made wet mounts of 1. onion skin 2. their own cheek cells 3. pond water.  We learned how to put the scopes away correctly.  Next week, we will have a Quiz on Microscope I.  then, we will do a lab exercise on Microscope II.  You should have already read Ex 5.  On p. 52, answer #12-17 on notebook paper and turn it in when you enter lab next week.  I gave out a Lab Makeup Schedule and encouraged students to be ready if they need to make up the lab due to an "excused" absence.

Tue 8/30:  We had a Quiz on Safety & Metric.  Then, we did a lab exercise on the Scientific Method (Ex 2).  We learned about the scientific method, which is more complex than the lab manual says.  There are 8 steps, not 5.  Next, we made observations of pill bugs (roly polys).  Then, we formulated hypotheses about how pill bugs would respond to certain substances, such as vinegar and Sprite.  We tested our hypotheses and tabulated our data on the board.  Next week, we will have a Quiz on the Scientific Method.  Then, we will perform a lab exercise about the Microscope.  Before Tue, read the exercise through p. 51.  On p. 52, answer questions #5-11.

********NO open-toed shoes!******

**If you miss lab, contact me by e-mail as soon as possible.**

If you miss lab for an acceptable reason, you must make it up or you will be marked absent.  If you want to make up a quiz that you missed, you must do it before lab meets again - e-mail me to make arrangements.
If you are in a Desoto Center lab, contact your instructor if you need to make up a lab.
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