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Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Alternative High School - West B&G Site

1. HSED Graduation held at NWTC Main Campus - June 8, 2000
  6:30 PM (students show by 5:45)in the cafeteria located
   in building 3

2. First day of eligibility to take the final GED test is
   May 9, 2000.

3. Last day to complete all remaining GED and HSED  
   requirements and still participate in the graduation
   ceremony is May 18, 2000.

4. The waiver of the 60 day waiting period between Civics
   and Health test retakes will not be re-examined until
   November 2000.

5. Software to prepare for the Civics test is now available
    - ask your instructor.

6. Spring Break begins April 21 and students return to
    classes on May 1, 2000
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