Ethics Case Study #4
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Ethics Case Study #4: Dentistry for Sale

Begin this 1 MCE Credit course by reading the case study presented below. Through having previously taken the Foundation's course on Ethics and Jurisprudence, you will be equipped to apply the ethical principles discussed in that course to the case study presented. After reading the case, you will be presented with three case-specific questions to consider. Each of these questions will be related to the content discussed; upon answering each of the questions, you will receive detailed responses regarding the correct answer. Please note that upon completing the 3 question quiz with a passing score of at least 65%, your score will be automatically recorded and you will be issued a continuing education certificate for 1 MCE credit within three-days of completion. Should you have any questions, please contact the NYS Dental Foundation at (800) 255-2100, ext. 282. Thank you for choosing the New York State Dental Foundation for your continuing education.

STEP ONE: Read through the course material. When you complete the course, please continue to Step 2.

Dr. James Porter was an excellent dental student. While he did not have the “magic touch” as some of his classmates did, James was successful in negotiating the maze of dental school, finished a demanding residency program and starting practice. After almost three years in practice, Dr. Porter felt like it was still an “uphill climb” and he worried continually about money. He began a solo practice in a highly competitive area in New York State. Dentists in the area were nice enough but no one ever referred a patient and new patients were a precious commodity.

Dr. Porter loved being a dentist and providing care for his patients. He genuinely liked most of his patients but in the back he saw each patient as an opportunity to pay bills and keep his loan payments up to date. The business aspects of practice were a source of deep fear because he felt inept with business issues. He did not like living on credit cards and paying off big loans, even though everyone assured him that all dentists are rich.

His present patient is a 47 year old woman who had experienced a lot of oral disease in the past. She was missing #4, 7, and 12; had mild periodontitis and malalignment of her lower teeth. Porter saw many opportunities and decided that Invisalign orthodontics, three implants and crowns would generate a large fee. He considered his options carefully and chose to strongly recommend orthodontics, implants, and crowns as the treatment of choice. He could not help it but he needed the income from this patient.

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