Ethics Case Study 3
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Ethics Case Study #3: Standing Up or Stepping Aside

Begin this 1 MCE Credit course by reading the case study presented below. Through having previously taken the Foundation's course on Ethics and Jurisprudence, you will be equipped to apply the ethical principles discussed in that course to the case study presented. After reading the case, you will be presented with three case-specific questions to consider. Each of these questions will be related to the content discussed; upon answering each of the questions, you will receive detailed responses regarding the correct answer. Please note that upon completing the 2 question quiz with a passing score of at least 65%, your score will be automatically recorded and you will be issued a continuing education certificate for 1 MCE credits within three-days of completion. Should you have any questions, please contact the NYS Dental Foundation at (800) 255-2100, ext. 282. Thank you for choosing the New York State Dental Foundation for your continuing education.

STEP ONE: Read through the case study below. When you complete the course, please continue to Step 2.

Dr. Guy Pierce decided to practice immediately after graduation. His rationale was based on high education debt, his desire to get married and begin a family. He considers himself to be a person of integrity, values his reputation, and seeks the advice of other dentists in practice. Even though he has practiced for less than a year, he believes he has earned the respect of several experienced dentists in the community.

Dr. Pierce has become active in the local dental society as a means to become better known in the professional community and because he has a life long commitment to community service.

Because of recent catastrophic events in other states, the local dental society has decided to join in a community effort to implement an emergency preparedness plan. The local plan is led by the police and fire departments with direction from the state and national Department of Homeland Security. While no healthcare professional is planned to be a “first responder,” healthcare professionals, such as dentists, nurses, pharmacists, and veterinarians are viewed as community resources for many functions. Every dentist in the dental society is being asked to volunteer for training for some function in the local response. In addition, every dentist is being asked to list her/his office as a community resource in the event that mass distribution of medication or immunization is necessary.

Dr. Pierce had a short term training program as part of his dental school experience. He found the information somewhat interesting, but doubted his ability as a responder. As a result, in school, Dr. Pierce did the required work but did not take it much to heart.

At the present time, Dr. Pierce is conflicted. On the one hand, he wants to serve his community and be active in the dental association programs. On the other hand Dr. Pierce has anxiety about subjecting himself to unnecessary risk and would prefer to keep himself and his family safe as his only obligation.

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