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1998 Should we take cloning to the human level? 
I am con.

It is 1998 and the first sheep ever has been cloned.  It seems like this is ok, but the real question is, is it ok to clone humans?  Although people may give reasons that cloning is good for, there are more convincing reasons against cloning.  There are even some scientists who would agree that cloning is unethical for many reasons.  The three main reasons that cloning is wrong are the unknown physical problems of cloning, the unknown psychological problems with cloning, and the loss of diversity in within humans. 
The first question is, of course, are there any ethically acceptable uses of human cloning?  When asked this question, scientist Daniel Callahan said, “I don’t believe there are any.  I don’t believe we should clone, therefore I don’t believe there are any ethical uses of cloning.”  Scientist Mary Mahowald agreed, “I think there are ethically acceptable uses of NON-HUMAN animal cloning for drug development, etc.  But for human cloning, I see no really good social purpose served.”
Another of the problems with cloning is the unknown psychosocial harms cloning causes in terms of family and society.  Since one of the main goals of the government is to protect human life, some people want the government to regulate cloning.  There is already a ban on cloning in Michigan, which is the first government to do this.  A Michigan state senator, Mr.  Bennett said, “This legislation boils down to one thing: Prohibiting the creation of human life for scientific research.  Human cloning is wrong; it will be five years from now; and wrong 100 years from now!”

There are also physical problems that might come from cloning.  Since the cell from which clones originate would be likely to acquire mutations, they would be some major genetic problems that could happen to future generations.  Technology is also not effective enough to be able to clone humans.  The success rate of cloning Dolly was only one out of 277 tries succeeded.

If cloning were to take place, there would be a loss of diversity and individuality among humans.  Since the genetic conditions would already be known, the person would no longer be a true individual person.  Clones would also be forced to act similar to the other person that they were cloned from, because they would be the exact same person.  Another thing cloning would hurt would be evolution.  Since evolution relies on the mixing of genes, cloning would change this in a bad way.  The natural selection process of genes would be bypassed and evolution would be hurt.

There is also a religion stand point that does not agree with cloning.  The Latter-day Saints Proclamation on the Family states that: “We . . . declare that God has commanded that the sacred powers of procreation are to be employed only between man and woman, lawfully wedded as husband and wife.  We declare the means by which mortal life is created to be divinely appointed.  We affirm the sanctity of life and of its importance in God’s plan.”  Also, Jeremy Rifkin, president of the Foundation on Economic Trends in Washington DC, is proposing a worldwide ban on cloning.  Rifkin has said that cloning should carry a penalty “on a par with rape, child abuse and murder.” There are also many other religious organizations that are opposed to cloning.

       October 17, 2001-Washington Redskins Coach Marty Schottenheimer is likely to be fired at the end of the season if the Redskins dont improve dramatically within the next 11 games.  Schottenheimer said that he is not concerned about his job security.  However, it is hard to ignore the loss on Monday night against the previously winless Dallas cowboys.
        Schottenheimer is in the first season of a four year, $10 million contract with the Redskins.  "I never have worried about that, and I never will," Schottenheimer said when asked about being fired. "I feel very, very confident in what we're doing. We haven't seen any dividends yet, but we haven't been at it very long."
        When surveyed about whether they would agree with the decision to fire Schottenheimer if the Redskins don't improve within 11 games, 81.3% out of 7567 people said yes.  However, Redskins owner Daniel Snyder continues to say that he will not fire Schottenheimer during the season because of the way he was criticized for firing Norv Turner. Also, trying to find a quality replacement in the middle of the season would be very difficult for Snyder to do. 
         The Sunday Redskins game against the Dallas Cowboys was an example of the dissapointing playing of the Redskins this year.  The Redskins had a lead in to the fourth quater until, with less than three minutes left in the game, tailback Stephen Davis lost a fumble and the Cowboys scored a field goal.  The final score was 9-7 plunging the Redskins to a record of 0-5.  This was the eighth game in a row that the Redskins have lost to the Cowboys. 
          As if the loss wasn't dissapointing enough, the Redskins lost two of their starting players to injuries during the Sunday game.  In the first quarter, tight end Stephen Alexander sprained his right ankle.  Then, in the second quarter, cornerback Fred Smoot sprained his left knee.  Although both of the injuries were just sprains, they were serious enough to require crutches for both players.  Schottenheimer said afterward that he had no updates on either player's condition and said he had no idea when either would return.

          Owner Daniel Snyder will have to make a decision at the end of the season about whether to keep Schottenheimer.  One important factor in his decision will be the Redskins’ total victories, but that won’t be the only one.  Those who know the owner say that his decision could be largely based on the mood at the end of the season. Also, to stay, Schottenheimer much not only win games, but win over the players and show some flexibility in planning for the future.  If none of these significant changes are made, then he will likely be fired.  If the Redskins team decides that they want to get rid of Schottenheimer, there is little he can do about it.  If they decide to play hard on a consistent basis, then he may be back.  So far, the team has seemed more interested in undermining the coach than playing for him, but if they decide to play by his system, they may have some success this year.  However, if they don’t want to play for him, they will have a new coach and a new system next year.  This means trouble for old players who may find the new coach wants new players and will make half of them hit the road.
If Schottenheimer does get fired, there is a chance that former Green Bay Packers general manager Ron Wolf will get the position.  Wolf has said that he has not spoken to the Redskins yet, but did not rule out his interest in the position of general manager.  In a telephone interview, Wolf said, "I don't think a person should ever say never.  But everything is in place there right now. I think it's way premature to talk about what I would do."  Right now Wolf is a consultant to the packers after retiring in June from his position as executive vice president and general manager.
Next week is the NFL deadline to trade players, but Schottenheimer has said that the Redskins do not intend to trade anyone.  Schottenheimer said, “There's almost no chance of us making a trade. You never know what someone might come along and offer you, but for all intents and purposes, the chances are about zero. We've had no substantive discussions with anyone about anything." Although there were some considerations about trading wide receiver Michael Westbrook, the team has decided against it.             This Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers will have a different line up partially because of last Monday’s game against the Cowboys. Because of the injuries in the game, Darrel Green will be replacing Fred Smoot in the game this Sunday against the Carolina Panthers. Schottenheimer also made the decision to start Ben Coleman at right guard instead of Matt Campbell.  
     The Panthers have a pretty bad reputation although it can barely match that of the Redskins.  Ever since the season-opening victory over Minnesota, the Panthers have had trouble holding onto the ball, pressuring the opposite quarterback, and winning games.  The Redskins have also obviously been having trouble considering that they have scored just two touchdowns the whole season.  Together the two teams combine to hold last or next to last place in 16 or the NFL’s 34 team statistical categories.  As Carolina coach George Seifert said, “Both opponents are kind of reeling.  I don't know if either team has a psychological edge in this one.”  The results of this Sunday’s game will be very important to both teams, who could both really use the win.

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