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The topic that I have chosen is ABORTION. I am against abortion (pro-life). The group did not choose a specific area of debate, since it would be difficult for either the pros or cons to defend a specific issue.

Several links are listed on this page for some insights on pro-choice and pro-life facts and opinions...
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                        Preserving Life
                         Azalea Millan

        Abortion is an issue that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Many people approve of abortion, because of concerns for the safety of the mother or the child. Some also believe that it is the woman’s right to choose whether or not to give birth to the unborn in the womb. However, people often focus too much on their rights and freedoms that they forget about morality. Over 6,000 babies die around the world due to abortion every month. Pro-life organizations discourage people to perform or go through abortion, chiefly because it is an act of murder. But there have been a lot of arguments as to whether or not the unborn is alive. Some say life doesn’t start before birth, while others are quite contrary. In the end, the question is, “Is abortion really a crime?”

        Scientifically, the answer is yes. For many years, scientific studies have shown that the internal organs, which include the heart, of the unborn first develop and appear within the first month of pregnancy. With the presence of the heart and the heartbeat, the embryo is already alive. Religiously, it is also believed that the unborn gains a soul from the moment of conception. It is also said that those who die before birth go to limbo, a place between heaven and purgatory. Therefore, abortion is undoubtedly murder of the innocent, and this crime should not be allowed or be made legal.

        If a pregnant woman wants to have an abortion, primarily because she cannot support the child or she is not fit to become a parent, then she should not be permitted to do so. Abortion is often used as an easy way out for a mistake committed by the parent. The child should not suffer or pay for what the parent did. Everyone has a right to live, and the parent does not have the right to take that away from the unborn. If there are people who are in favor of the right of the woman to choose concerning abortion, then why aren’t they considering the choices or the rights of the unborn? If the child’s future is the issue, then the parent should at least give birth to the child. Most women, after having an abortion, often regret what they did. If it is still decided that the parent cannot support the child, then the orphanage is an option. Everyone has equal rights, and the only right that one can give to the unborn is the right to live.   

        People should learn how to become mature and responsible. Giving the parent the option of killing the unborn can get out of control. It cannot be avoided that there would be cases wherein a woman would just have an abortion any time she feels like she doesn’t want the child anymore. It is not impossible for people to take advantage of this right, and the innocent are the ones suffering. Freedom is very valuable, but it should not replace the knowledge of what is right and wrong. Freedom comes with consequences and responsibilities, and people should learn how to deal with these things. If a woman knows that she couldn’t or shouldn’t have a child, then she should be mature and take control of her actions. There shouldn’t be a way out otherwise the price to pay is an innocent life.

        If a woman is molested and became pregnant, then she should still not be allowed to have an abortion. The father of the child is the one responsible for this, and again, the unborn should not suffer for what he did. If the mother does not wish to raise the child, she should at least give birth to it, and if she wants, she could consider an orphanage for the child. If the mother despises the father of the child that she wants to kill him, would she be allowed to do so? Then why should she be allowed to kill someone who’s innocent?

        Abortion is immoral and should not be encouraged. Like murder, it should also be illegal. However, murder can be made legal only and only for self-defense. The same thing goes for abortion. The only way, if there is any, for abortion to become legal if it is for self-defense- that is, to save the mother’s life. The people who are fighting for the unborn child’s right to live are hoping that abortion will never be an option and that it will never come to a point when a mother has to make a choice of whether or not to give birth to the child. Here’s hoping that the all the decisions will be made even before conception. 


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                                PEARL OF THE ORIENT SEAS
                                      Azalea Millan

        After the September 11th attacks, hundreds of people are rethinking their planned trips and vacations both inside and outside of the country. However, this is also the time to take a break and get away from it all- even for just a couple of days. And one of the best places to go to is the Philippines, "The Pearl of The Orient Seas".

        “MABUHAY!” This will be the welcome greeting of the hospitable people of the Philippines. In spite of the country’s diversity in its over 7,000 islands and over 50 different dialects, the Filipinos exemplify unity. The Philippines is comprised of three main groups of islands. LUZON, where Manila, the nation’s capital can be found, is at the north, VISAYAS at the middle, and MINDANAO at the south. Filipinos always find ways to relax and have fun amidst their problems, and this can be seen in their beaches, tourist spots and of course, the shopping malls.

        There are hundreds of different beaches one can choose from in the whole archipelago. One in particular is BORACAY, voted as one of the best beaches in the world, and famous for its fine, white sand and sparkling blue waters. Boracay can be found in the province of Aklan, north of Panay Island in Visayas. It is just a 45-minute plane ride from Manila. The peak season for tourists to flock to the beach is from November until May. However, the non-peak season provides lower prices and a more peaceful environment.

        An alternative to Boracay is PALAWAN, "The Last Frontier of the Philippines", which is a group of islands southwest of Manila. Because of its seclusion, Palawan is the home of various wild animals and wild plants. Several beaches, lakes and waterfalls, which allow different water activities such as snorkeling, water skiing, and scuba diving, can also be found in Palawan. Such an environment makes Palawan the perfect place for adventure seekers and nature lovers.

        The province of LAGUNA, which is an hour drive from Manila, is another valuable destination. The province also provides a variety of beaches, mineral hot springs and waterfalls. One of the most famous waterfalls in the Philippines is the PAGSANJAN FALLS in Laguna. The 300-foot high waterfall is a popular day trip in the country.

        The BANAUE RICE TERRACES in northern Luzon is definitely a popular tourist spot. Often referred to as the "Eighth Wonder of the World", the 2,000-year old rice terraces provide travelers a taste of country life. The rice terraces, also described as "stairways to the sky", are still used today as an irrigation system. Several tribes, called "Ifugao", and small villages can also be seen around the rice terraces.

        There are also some volcanoes in the country, which have become tourist spots over time. The MAYON VOLCANO, in Bicol, is the only volcano in the world that has the most perfect cone. The province of Bicol can be found southeast of Manila. Also at the southeast part of Luzon is the province of Batangas, which is the home of TAAL VOLCANO. Taal Volcano is often described as "a volcano within a lake, within a volcano, within a lake". Both volcanoes are still active today.

        The Queen City of the South and the country's oldest city is CEBU (se-‘boo). Cebu is located in Visayas, and is the first island discovered in the Philippines by the Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan in 1521. Besides having magnificent beaches and fabulous diving spots, the city also provides modern malls, museums, discos and bars, and a variety of parks. Cebu is being developed to attract Filipinos and foreigners alike to reside in the city as an alternative to Manila.

        The Philippines is a tropical country that has warm weather for most of the year. But if a cooler place is sought after, then BAGUIO (‘bag-yo) CITY is the place to go to. Dubbed as the "Summer Capital of the Philippines", Baguio is a six-hour drive from Manila, including an hour drive up a mountain with zigzag roads. One can choose from a variety of activities in the city, which includes a boat ride in Burnham Park, horseback riding and even shopping for native products such as jewelry and food. Furthermore, one can also enjoy the greenery and the scent of thousands of pine trees in the middle of the city. Although going to Baguio may seem like a long trip, the way towards the city provides wonderful and historical views. And getting there is half the experience.
        If one wants to get a glimpse of the country’s past, one of the best places to go to is the ILOCOS region, in northern Luzon. By walking on the cobblestone streets of the city of Vigan, one can feel the old-worldly charm of the country. Most of the ancestral houses of prominent families, and many of the churches and cathedrals built in the 1800s, are still maintained. Finally, no trip to the past is complete without riding a kalesa, or a horse-drawn carriage, which is an absolute treat to any visitor to the city.

        An alternative to the Ilocos region is INTRAMUROS, seat of the government in Spanish colonial times, in Manila. The 16th century, walled city includes historical landmarks such as Fort Santiago, Manila Cathedral and San Agustin Church, the Philippines’ oldest church.  One will notice the large number of these old churches and cathedrals, as the Philippines is a predominantly Catholic country. A visit to Intramuros provides a glance at the country’s culture. Just outside of the Intramuros walls is Rizal Park, where the martyrdom of the country’s national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal, took place. The Rizal Monument preserves the hero’s mortal remains as a symbol of Filipino nationhood.

        The heart of the nation, Metro Manila, cannot be overlooked. Manila offers a wide range of sights: from historical museums to business centers, from skyscrapers to shopping malls, and from highways to MRTs (Metro Rail Transit). Some of the primary cities in Metro Manila are Makati, Mandaluyong, Muntinlupa and Parañaque (pa-ran-‘ya-ke).

        Besides historical buildings and churches, Manila is the home of Malacañang Palace, the official residence of the President of the Philippines. The Palace and the Museum of Malacañang are open to visitors on specific days. The palace grounds extend across the Pasig River into Malacañang Park and Mabini Shrine.

        Although the city of Makati is the home of the Ayala Museum, which features historical art and dioramas, Makati is also the business center of the country. Various skyscrapers and office buildings such as the Enterprise and the Philippine Stock Exchange Plaza along Ayala Avenue can be found in the city. Five-star hotels are also located in Makati. Hotels such as the Shangri-la Makati, Manila Peninsula Hotel, Hotel Intercontinental Manila and New World Hotel, are within walking distance of the shopping malls. The premier shopping mall in Luzon is Ayala Center’s Glorietta, which includes a variety of shops with the latest fashion and trends, restaurants like the Hard Rock Café and TGIF, and state-of-the-art movie theatres. Other shopping malls in the city are the Greenbelt mall and Rockwell Center, which only opened in 2001. The nightlife in Makati is also a sight to behold. People from all over, flock to the city to experience an enjoyable time. With a lot of places to go to, traffic is unavoidable. However, with the newly opened Skyway and MRT, driving has vastly improved.

        Mandaluyong City is the home of SM Megamall, one of the biggest malls in the country and in Asia. It extends for almost a kilometer from one end to the other. The six-floor mall includes twelve cinemas, a 46-lane bowling center, amusement centers and the first indoor ice-skating rink in the country. Another mall in the city is the Shangri-la mall. Five-star hotels like the EDSA Plaza Hotel are also situated in Mandaluyong.  

        Muntinlupa city in southern Metro Manila is the home of Ayala Alabang, one of the most prominent communities in Luzon. Five minutes from the community is Ayala Center’s Alabang Town Center, the premier shopping mall of the city. Ten minutes from the community is yet another shopping mall. Festival Supermall is also one of the biggest malls in Asia. It houses several bowling alleys, 10 movie theatres and a roller coaster in a mini-amusement center.

        The city of Parañaque is the home of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). The airport is named after the late husband of former President Corazon Aquino, who became the President of the Philippines after a People Power Revolution to unseat the dictator, Ferdinand Marcos.

        From the United States, a trip to the Philippines costs from $650-$900 during non-peak season, and from $1000-$1300 during peak season. The flight takes about 24 hours long, as it includes two to three stopovers.

        These are only some of the places that one can go to during a trip to the Philippines. There are many other interesting highlights to be seen in the country, such as the people themselves. When it comes to hospitality and warmth, Filipinos are incomparable. Also, language is not a problem especially since the Philippines is one of the largest English-speaking nations in the Asian region. Mabuhays and Hellos will always welcome anyone who goes to the Philippines. A vacation in this country will always be a memorable one, for the Pearl of the Orient Seas is definitely unique. So relax, have fun and don’t forget the sunscreen!      

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