nzstudies Mr Sims
Palmerston Noth Boys' High School History, Geogrpahy and Chess teacher
1. Exams
There are 6 sections in the exam paper.

Section A is worth 20 marks and you need to know places in NZ, lowlands etc and you need to remember how to locate and name things on a map.

Section B is worth 20 marks and you need to know Continental Drift, why places have the weather they do, what places have the type of agriculture they do, how plates, faults and volcanoes are formed and New Zealand's relief.

Section C is worth 15 marks. It is a practical task requiring you to draw 2 climate graphs and then explain the differences between them.

Section D (15 marks) is on Gallipoli. You need to know the names of places and a few facts.

Section E (15 marks) is on the Petersens and all questions come from the task sheet.

Section F (15 marks) is on the NZ economy in the 19th century focussing on Vogel, refrigeration and sweating.

2. Future Assignments
Here are some of the assignments coming up:

an interview with your mother and research on a famous NZ woman

an interview with a local sports person

writing a letter to a NZ place asking about what tourists can do in their area; then you present a brief seminar to the class on your findings.

interviewing some people about life in the 1960s
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