ocain Mrs. O'Cain
St. Simons Simons Elementary School Third grade teacher (3D)

These activities are intended to develop technological skills while reviewing and enriching instruction provided in the classroom.

Countless activities exist at the sites listed below. Choose activites that reinforce objectives noted in our weekly newsletter. Simply select a curriculum area such as language arts & a subject that we've recently addressed i.e. irregular verbs, form of be, etc. Many games/activites are available. Keep checking this page for updates and let me know what you think.

Hey Kids!!! To earn a free homework pass, ask a parent to send a message to me via email stating that he/she has read this page. To verify, have them write a note in your agenda: "I sent email."

There are several math fact practice activities on the home page of funbrain.com Click the link below to access.

Thank you to all parents for the daily support you provide your child and our classroom! To view the state mandated QCC (quality core curriculum), visit the www.glc.k12.ga.us link below.

Thank you!

Mrs. O'Cain
My Quia activities and quizzes
Simple Machines Review
A wonderful review activity!
Maps & Globes skill review 3rd
Review basic map skills and continents/oceans
Doubles and Doubles + 1 Addtion Facts
Builds speed
Useful links
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