ocean Mrs. Hyrowski and Mrs. Stewart
andrews elementary school second grade teachers
1.  Title:  Oceans
   Essential Questions:
  -What animals would you choose to create a food  chain  of the ocean?

-How would

pollution affect ocean food chains ?

2.  Grade Level : Grade 2

3.  Project Description :

A.  Introduce and study essential vocabulary.
B.  Research ,study and graph animal groups facts.
C.  Pick and choose to make their food chain.
D.  Introduce and study the water cycle, air, water, and land pollution and their affect on the ocean.
E.  Graph pollution facts.
F.  They will take the pollution facts and use them to write a story.

4. S. C. Standards:
Language Arts: 4a Communication
Use drawings, tables, graphs, and written language to describe whales.
Math:3a Measure
Use standard units of measure and compare whale lengths.
Science:2b Classify
Arrange objects in a sequential food chain order.

5.  Software Appropriate:

Easybook Writing Workshop: Whales & Oceans
(This can be found in the CAI lab.)

6.  Classroom Management:

This activity will begin as teacher directed, then move to the teacher as a facilitator, and end as student directed.
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