Bernardsville Middle School Literacy 5 teacher

To receive extra credit for October, you must complete THREE  assignments each week for FOUR weeks: 10/3, 10/10, 10/17, and 10/24.  Six reading and six writing assignments are necessary, but you have freedom to complete these twelve assignments in any order; for example, you might write three entries for the first week or read, write, and read instead.

Reading requirement (five points/day for six days total): 
* Read (silently or orally) a choice novel, magazine, etc. for twenty-five minutes.
* List date, title, page numbers, and start/finish time; then procure guardian/parent signature. 

Writing requirement (five points/day for six days total):
* Write or word process for approximately twenty-five minutes.
* Write the full heading above your paragraph.  Use one-half of a page (single-spaced) as your guide.  If you decide to summarize what you have read, include setting, character(s), plot/conflicts, point-of-view, and theme.  If you decide to write a journal entry, follow summary directions for heading/page requirements, but focus on including sensory details, sound devices (alliteration or onomatopoeia), specific synonyms, and figurative language.  

Ask a parent or guardian to sign the reading log listed below for any six days of October.

Date   Book/Magazine    Pages Read     Start/Finish Time    Signature

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