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An groovy essay by a groovy student
(Written to go with To Kill A Mockingbird) Atticus is an accepting and kind man. Atticus shows kindness when he stops by Ms. Dubose’s house just to compliment her and tell her what is going on in town. Although Ms. Dubose was mean, and probably did not look too great, Atticus complimented her. She probably did not have many friends, she was lonely and all and he took his time to say she was looking great. It is then stated that Atticus receives stove wood from Mr. Cunningham and considers it payment enough for what he did. Atticus most likely thought that money would have been best, however he knew Mr. Cunningham could not pay him that way so he let Mr. Cunningham pay him with what he could. Atticus probably could have wanted another item other that stove wood, but it was fine in any amount. Furthermore Atticus is kind when Dill runs away and winds up at the Finches’ house, and he let him stay. Instead of turning him in to Miss Rachel he lets him stay out of the goodness of his heart. Atticus probably did this because he knew Dill probably didn’t want to go back to Mississippi, which is where Miss Rachel would have sent him. This goes to prove that Atticus is truly a Good Samaritan.
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