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Rocks and Minerals  
Hello, my name is Tommy and this site is for a Science project for my school, Malcom Bridge Middle.  For our assignment, we had a list to choose from of things to make about rocks and minerals, and I chose designing a website.  Hope you enjoy!

Rocks have to consist of at least 1-2 minerals

There are three types of rocks, igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. 

Igneous rocks are formed when rock within the Earth melt in temperatures between 1200 degree F. and 1650 degrees F.  When the molten rock cools, it is igneous rock.  

There are two types of sedimentary rocks: Mechanical Sedimentary rocks and Chemical Sedimentary rocks.  The mechanical sedimentary rocks consist of mineral particles which are made by the mechanical disintegration of rocks and transported without chemical deterioration by flowing water.  It is then carried to larger bodies of water where it becomes layers.  Chemical Sedimenrary is when microscopic animals die, and land on the ocean floor, where layers of sand cover them until they become rock. 

Metamorphic rocks are made when heat or pressure are acted upon igneous or sedimentary rocks until finally their minerals are changed. 

Types of igneous rocks are:  granite, syenite, rhyolite, gabbro, and basalt. 

Types of metamorphic rocks are: Quartz and marble are rocks that are purely metamorphic.   If metamorphisis occurs, it could change any igneous or sedimentary rock's minerals. 

Types of Sedimentary rocks are:  Shale, sandstone, limestone, halite, gypsum, and anhydrite.
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