Class 4d at Klaus-Rixen-School  

Hi, kids!!!!

Today, you can find out interesting things about a sensational discovery!

1) Would you like to have a look at the landscape we are talking about?
First, open the Oetziland link below and then click on Oetztal's primeval trail. After that, open Panorama. For a closer look at the place of discovery, click on Traces and signs.

2) Are you curious about the sensational discovery?
Open the Iceman gallery link below and then click on Death of the Iceman.

3) Would you like to know
- which clothes the iceman had on?
- what he carried with him?
Find out and tell us!
Open the Iceman gallery link below. Then scroll down to Find out more. After that, click on the Iceman gallery link.

4) While you are listening to what the others are telling you look at the photos in the Pictures of Oetzi link below.
a) link The clothing
b) link The equipment.


Useful links
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