ohhsfrench OHHS French Club
Oak Harbor High School  
Officers of the OHHS French Club....

Co-president..Shawna Balduf

Co-president..Elizabeth Damschroder

Secretary..Meridith Ausmus

Treasurer..Tyler Hetrick

This Month....

The past few months have been very exciting for the OHHS French Club. Madame's husband Mourad came to speak to us for the first time ever! We made valentines in class among other things. We are in the process of planning the next meeting. Could a party be in mind?

1999-2000 French Club Members

Lindsay Hansen, Cara Waite, Kristin Jividen, Desiree Stone, Jill Caster, Nate Vandersluis, Adam Wood, Chrissy O'Neal, Liz Norman, Mary Missig, Stacey Kinstler, Brian Dammeyer, Sarah Opfer, Courtney Risch, Megan Fowler, Kelly Cousins, Louie Bunker, Emily Barron, Brice Jiamachello, Rachel Szczepanski, Angie Rust, Erica Jenkins, Samantha Miller, Angela Kirkendall, Becky Rahm, Jasmine Cupp, Jamie Barrett, Matt Conley, Heather Distel, Kristen Lenke, Candace King, Rebecca Rust, Jackie Piercefield, Adam Quisno, Jody Gahler, Art Ceraldi, Kelly McGuire, John Kuli, Katie Gutilla, Ashley Short, Alicia Garza, Adam Robertson, Jodi Steinman, Monique Perez, Erin Ohm, Claire Orman, Lindsey Dunn, Yannick Smith, Sydney Dellinger, Lori Leow, Mandy Quisno, Beth Gahler, Heather Perry

Congratulations to all 53 members and 4 officers!

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