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How to use E-mail?

Subject: Language Arts, Computers & Internet
Grade Level: 6-8

Telecommunications: e-mail


This computer lesson will enable each student to establish a free e-mail account through a MSN (Microsoft Network). Even though some students already use e-mail frequently at home, many of our students still do not have easy access, if any, to the internet.


Students will use individual e-mail accounts to compose, send, and receive e-mail messages, links, and other attached documents.


Students will establish an e-mail account by submitting an application to www.epals.com. I will assign your login name and password to protect your account. You will compose and send an e-mail to another student in the class.

Students will send an e-mail with attachment to me (such as your assignment election 2000).

Students will send a link in an e-mail. You also need to find an educational URL such as pbs.org and type it in the your e-mail to me.

Students will learn to save addresses for future use.

Students will learn to create new folders to organize their e-mail messages.

Students will learn to delete and edit e-mail messages.

1.Introduce the concepts to be taught.
2. Tie in to the previous lesson, "E-mail to me"
3. Step through
Internet Explorer
Click in the first box
Sign Up be a member
Fill out electronic registration form
Submit Registration
4. Introduce the screen used to compose and read new mail.
5. Have students read the Welcome message from the epal Staff
6. Choose Compose to write your mail.
7. To: username@epals.com (You will have to ask a friend for his or her user name. That is the e-mail address)
8. Subject: (explain this is not required, but let's the person know what the message is about)
9. Tab down to the message box and type a message to someone.
10. When finished, try to do spell check before sending 11. Click SEND after you have done the spell check.
12. If everything is done properly, a message saying the message was instantly delivered. The message will show up on the screen.

Hope you will actually send and receive e-mail messages correctly. If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask me during the class or try to e-mail me. You will practice in using e-mail in a practical way.

NOTE: Do Not use profane language in your e-mail or you will lose all Internet privileges.

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