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Stock Market Research

Grade Level: Junior High

Subject Area: Math

Essential Skills and Strategies:

:) Understand and apply concepts procedures by using     computation.

:) Understand and apply concepts procedures of    probability and statistics.

:) Analyze information by observing charts, graphs, data    Materials.

Tools: Internet and connection Production software (using Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint), managing and Newspaper

Web sites used with the lesson:

* New York Stock Exchange: http://www.nyse.com
* Yahoo Quotes: http://quote.yahoo.com

* Step One: Problem or Question
  How does the U.S. stock market work? How to track and    report the activity of specific stocks.

* Step Two: Getting Organized
  Students choose 4 to 6 companies to follow for a    period of 2 to 4 weeks. After creating a database,    the students record daily stock prices for each    company. During the period of monitoring, the    student's research each company and prepare the    multimedia presentation.

  The final product will include, stock movement, hi/lo    figures, and total gain/ loss for the unit.

* Step Three: Gathering Information
  Students need to check stock prices daily using       Internet sites, or the newspaper. The first step
  is to make sure the students know the company codes     and how to read a stock table.

* Step Four: Sorting and Analyzing Information
  Complete database. Graph movement (identifying hi/lo    points). Making final calculations.

* Step Five: Creating the Answer or Solving the Problem
  Students will create a multimedia presentation to       display company information, graph and numerical       table of stock movement, and final financial outcome.

* Step Six: Evaluation
  A PowePoint presentation will be created by each       group and everyone will evaluate the overall product.    Mrs. Twu will give the prizes to the financial       wizards.

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