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Conway Elementary School Grade 5 teacher
Brief Description:

Students will investigate news and data about the 2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia.  From the information gathered they are to choose an aspect of the Olympics that they would like to learn more about from this activity.  Research can come from any sources but emphasis is being placed on using the Internet and available web sites to gather appropriate information.  From the notes taken the students will continue the writing process of writing, editing, rewriting and publishing.  The final product will be shared with the class and published for parents.

Step One:  Survey available information about the Olympics looking for a specific focus of interest to the student.  This may include Sydney, Australia; sites of previous Olympiads, individual sports, athletes of renown or interest, or history of the ancient Olympics.

Step Two:  Review material for information related to specific topic.  Materials may include magazines, books, newspapers, web sites, etc.  Collect information using Inspiration, Microsoft Word, or any suitable method (notecards).  Keep track of all sources so that they may be sited at the end of the report.

Step Three:  Use collected material to write a first draft of research paper.  Self edit first draft using COPS (Capitalization, Organization, Punctuation, and Spelling).

Step Four:  Have your first draft peer edited by a classmate after it has been self-edited.

Step Five:  On the word processor write the final draft either accepting or not the edited changes made by the peer editor.  Format for font, size of type, and inclusion of any clip art or photographs.  Include a bibliography of all books, magazines, newspapers, and web sites used in the collection of information.

Step Six:  Share final draft of research project with the class.  Then turn in completed final draft for teacher edit.

Step Seven:  Final drafts are published in newsletter form for parents.
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