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One Earth 2 Share:Discover it Before Its gone Animal Educator (Docent)
The Educational guide is for the Animal Educator, provided to increase everyone's awareness of the environmental issuesfacing us today.

The tragedy that living treasures are lost even before humanity has been able to fully comprehend their importance.

The first guide's main focus is the Endangered Bonobo touching on the Great apes.
gO to the presentation at

follow the index of modules A-C
follow up with the quizzes and games listed here.

Future additions of other Endangered species will follow in the near future.
Remember Its One Earth 2 Share.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Module A-Primate Taxonomy
MODULE A............Be able to describe the physical characteristics of the bonobo and other primates
MODULE A....................define the terms
Module A
MODULE A.......facts about bonobos
MODULE C (Conservation)
Useful links
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