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Welcome Scholars, Readers, and Researchers

Mrs. McCabe and I have created this page to support your academic units, research and study skills. We will be adding activities that complement your courses. You will access and explore library materials--print and non-print. Activities will involve reading, organizing, note-taking, and working with peers to study and review course material. We will expect you to share information about upcoming assignments, quizzes and tests --so that we can design sessions to benefit you. We hope you find this page helpful.We will begin with Social Studies and Science courses.


Social Studies classes have begun the study of ancient Egypt. You have already studied anicent China and India and the Near Eastern civilizations such as the Sumerians, Hittites, Assyrians, Phoenicians, Akkadians and Hebrews. Teachers will again be covering important aspects of ancient civilization such as :

Land and Location
How did location, climate, natural resources affect ancient Egypt?
Social Structure
How are people organized or ranked?
How does the civilization maintain order?
Belief System
What are the central beliefs of this civilization?
Describe the tools and skills of ancient Egypt.
How are goods produced, distributed, stored ? Describe any system of barter/exchange.
Everyday Life
Discuss the activities of home, work and leisure.
Does the civilization have art, music, dance, holidays or festivals? Do they share stories with their children?

Some teachers will ask you to complete reading and research on the WWW or in reference materials. The MHS bookmark site has several good web site posted for you to explore. Go to All About Egypt when you enter the bookmarks. The Reference section of the library has books, atlases and encyclopedias you can access for projects or papers.

Questions to ask yourself as you read and study:

How does ancient Egypt compare/contrast to other ancient civilizations we have studied?

What are the lasting contributions of the ancient Egyptians?

What points did my teacher stress to know and review for quizzes and tests?

Have I recorded the assignment and project due dates?

Session 2 : Biology Challenge

We are enlisting you savvy WWW skills to locate and assess sites that will help you to : study biology, do research for your Biology projects and encourage you to read more about Biology !

The MHS bookmark site has a folder called BIOLOGY CHALLENGE. Inside this folder you will find web sites with a variety of biology materials.

Your task is to visit the biology sites to help us choose the very BEST OF THE WEB in biology. We will be using these sites to review material for quizzed and tests.

Please answer the following questions for each site you visit:

1. IS THE SITE GEARED FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS? How can you tell ? What features work well for you ?

2.Do you find topics/chapters/vocabulary that relate to your textbook and classroom experiences so far this year? Give some examples.

3. Does this site have visuals/graphics/pictures that can complement your study of Biology ? Please describe.

4. Would you recommend this site for Grade 9-10 students to “bookmark” on their computers—to use as a study-aide or review for Biology ? Why or Why not?

5. Did you find any other site you would recommend? Write the Title and URL on the back of this sheet—and tell us why you think it could be valuable to students.

Session 3 : Ancient India : Mr. Costa's classes are studying ancient India. Students are researching the physical geography of early Indian settelments, daily life in Mohenjo-Daro, Hinduism and Buddhism, the Mauryan and Gupta Empires and aspects of modern India. The project involves creating an original PALM-LEAF BOOK. Web sites about anicent India have been posted at the MHS bookmark site in a folder called ANCIENT INDIA. Good luck on your reading and research.

Keep reading and studying !

Mrs. McCabe and Mrs. Ronan

March 6, 2001
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